Friday, April 30, 2004

About Me

27 years old

Kuala Lumpur

You know those questions that ask you to describe yourself in 5 words?

How exactly is one supposed to do that?

I love black. It brings out my curves. I have a fetish for prominent hip bones and sexy decolletages. Laughter lines are NOT wrinkles, and contrary to popular belief, some drugs are actually therapeutic - especially in this rat race we call "life".

Dreaming of the day when I finally decide to call it quits to spend my days swinging on a hammock under shady palm trees, while looking out into the blue ocean with a glass of ice cold margarita. Oh, do surround me with men, and things that make me high. Beautiful men will be allowed to share the hammock with me.

Sushi is heavenly, and a good burp after a beer is appreciating the finer things in life. Cigarettes is to coffee, like peanut butter is to jelly. I hate my eggs sunny side up cos the soft, leaky yolk is an absolute turn-off. A good cup of coffee is like a mind-blowing orgasm, while a bad cuppa is known as horse piss.

I've realized that I don't like wearing cotton G-strings and prefer satin or silky ones. The former hurts my butt crack. Contrary to popular belief, I can cook. But I hate doing the dishes. I dislike driving when I'm intoxicated or under influence because I get insanely paranoid about accidents and the PDRM.

I do not have the eye to appreciate allegedly-cute, fluffy items and will never ever be caught dead in a pink Hello Kitty merchandise. I love to indulge in the luxury of clean sheets, and sleeping naked is extremely liberating. I love big bags and totes with lots of pockets. They say girls cannot compartmentalise their lives. I'm trying, dammit!

I am a slave to the wage system because honey, we've all got bills to pay! Unless you've got a brilliant idea, or know of a rich and old tycoon looking for a hawt, young wife, then I guess I'm stuck here for a bit.

I can be quite a slob, yet terribly anal about little things such as fallen strands of hair on the floor, visible water stains on white bathroom tiles, and toothpaste not being squeezed from the end of the tube.

A good massage unwinds me. A hot shower is a luxury that should never be taken for granted. Maybe I'm weird, but I wear underwear on the first date.

I love a good laugh as much as a good cry - both equally indispensable in preserving sanity. World news make me sick, politics baffle me, and war is brought about when greed, hatred and anger takes over a man.

Oh, and if you think you still have not had enough of me, check out 100 Things About Me.

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