Saturday, September 27, 2008

RPK is 58

From Susan Loone -


We have a birthday gift for RPK, as he celebrates his 58th birthday today. No doubt he is in solitary confinement in Kamunting, thousands of us are in there with him as well!

The birthday gift goes like this …

A really good soul named Allan has designed a WEBSITE with an online protest for RPK and the other ISA detainees in Kamunting.

This OPEN LETTER was drafted by the Abolish ISA Movement or GMI (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA), and is a good open letter, where the message to release RPK and abolish ISA is damn clear.

All you have to do is type your name and select the name of the idiot politician you want to send your letter to, and then click on SEND (Now!). There is an option for RPK as well.

The letter is sent directly to their email boxes. And what’s more, the program calculates how many letters are sent out. So we can monitor the progress of the online protest.

This is a very peaceful protest and the plan is to flood the emails of the relevant idiots who had a hand in RPK’s arrest and subsequent delivery to Kamunting Detention camp.

Their names are on the website.

These are the guys who have ‘blood’ on their hands, as many others are in the camp, too, while we are yet to know whether they are guilty or not of the reasons why they are put in there in the first place.

Please advertise this action as much as you can. I have sent letters to all of them, how about you?

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Happy isn't so happy these days.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

dear serene

Dearest Serene,

You turn 21 today... Happy Birthday!!!

Eventhough it has been 11 years since I left home, and thereby missing out on a huge part of you growing up, but out of all my 3 younger sisters, I remember your toddler and childhood years most vividly. I guess this is because I was already 6 when you came along.

I'm sure you know by now that you were a very, very dirty kid.

During family meal times, mom would have you sit on that blue high chair where you would eat with us. She never believed in feeding us spoonful by spoonful or coercing us to swallow, and so all of us acquired self-feeding at an early age.

At every meal, you'd run your oily fingers through your hair, touch your face and just overall become a very oily girl. Your bath time was never delayed - it always happened AFTER a meal.

Your glutton habits were also exhibited since a young age. Mom would cut oranges and apples for us after dinner, and you would hog the entire plate by dabbing some saliva on every single piece of fruit. Your three elder sisters were utterly and constantly grossed out, and so you kept winning by having all the fruits to yourself.

If girls were meant to be clean and always smelling of fairies and roses, I'd say you were a boy all through growing up. When kindergarten hours ended, you would come home with your hair, damp and stuck close to your scalp. You didn't smell very good either.

You started elementary school when we moved to Jakarta, and I have fond memories of those days. Your round tummy under that white shirt, tucked into the blue skirt was a sight to behold. Remember that tiny blue elastic tie? And your hair was always up in two ponytails by the side of your head. Yes, you were cute like that.

Well, you are 21 today. And if I have not said it to you yet - Serene, I am damn, damn, damn fucking proud of you! :)

Yes, mom and dad always say that we share plenty of similarities - our looks, right down to our likes and dislikes. We even pursued the same field of academia for our tertiary education!

I am proud of who you are, and what you have become. But another side of this pride stems from the fact that you are so like me, and you and I both know how vain and narcissistic I am. Tee hee hee.

As I'm writing this, you're already at home pretty-fying yourself, and getting ready for a night out in town. You already know what I'm gonna say, but I'll still say it anyway - go out, have fun, party hard - but BE SAFE!

Happy 21st, babe!


Your Hot Eldest Sister

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


He pulled the jersey over me and said...

"I now pronounce you, a Liverpool fan!"

For the record - I took it off soon after :)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

6 years

Today marks exactly 6 years of me being in the workforce.


I'm old aren't I?


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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I cried last night.

I don't understand how good people can be punished.

She didn't want her tombstone to read 'Dead at 30, buried at 60'.

Yin Ling just wanted happiness.

It is a story about choosing between the east or west, about following your head or your heart.

Loose ends were tied up, albeit tragically.

Like all Catherine Lim works which I adore, Following the Wrong God Home is highly recommended.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

meow haters

I told Dora I hate Hello Kitty.

She does too!

So now we have this plan where we will decapitate Hello Kitties, dip the heads in pig's blood and hang it up at Disneyland.

We have plans to make it an international coalition of sorts.

She will head the Hong Kong operations, and me the KL side of things.

We are actively seeking participation from the international community.


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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


(meant for posting on 31 August, obviously delayed)


"Do you want to raise your children in Malaysia?" mom asked me.

I kept mum.

"What happened to your plans about going back to Australia?"

"Well, I did visit the migration agent.." said I.

"Is it money? We can help you with that," she interjected.

"We'll see," I told her.

"How long do you want to wait? Till the country collapses in the hands of people who run the show?"


Dad, who is in Indonesia, sent me a text message on the morning of the 31st.

"MERDEKA! Even for someone my age, Merdeka is no longer special. I wonder what is it like for people your generation. Have a good weekend!"


I'm still here, in KL, in Malaysia, at home.

And dad, I stand corrected. We may not have been there in 1957, but 31 August reminds me that Malaysia is still a young nation. We, young Malaysians, I, still hope that race and colour will not stand in our way of progressing as a nation.

31 August is still special because it shows that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Happy 51st, Malaysia.

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