Thursday, July 30, 2009

to laugh or cry?

Something happened recently.

I thought about it long and hard - should I post an entry about what happened? And have such a traumatic experience etched in my mind (and this space!) for a looooong, looooong time?

Well, I guess I'm here now.

So I got home from work as usual one evening. We were going to head out for dinner at the mall, so I thought I'll quickly use the toilet. I took off my pants, and also my panties, and left it on the floor in the bedroom. Bathroom floor was wet you see.

After I finished my business, I slid the bathroom door open and SCREAMED so loud the neighbours probably thought I was being murdered.

Standing in front of me, was the man's brother.

Remember how I had my pants and undies on the bedroom floor? Yes, I only was only dressed in my top.

I slammed the bathroom door shut and turned beetroot red.

So the man went to interrogate his brother. I refused to come out of the room.

"I wanted to let you know mom's on the phone, and thought it was you inside the bathroom!" said brother to man.

"Hello? My pants and pink panties were on the floor outside the bathroom!" I told the man.

"But your bedroom door was opened!" said brother to man.

"I definitely closed the bedroom door! I was going to take my clothes off you fool! Maybe it didn't close properly and inched open!" I whined to the man.

The man thought it a funny incident.

Funny - yes lah! But MY GOD. I've never been so embarassed and humiliated. I had no panties on OK? *cries*

This is FAR WORSE than having my bikini top come undone without my realization and then me surfacing from the pool or sea, baring my titties to the whole world.

"OMG, he saw your kueh?" asked my best friend when I texted her almost immediately after that.

"Yes lah! I had nothing on, except my top!"

"OMG, did he see your hair?" she asked then.

"Thank god no hair! Shaved a few days ago!"

Posted by Doreen at 12:40 pm