Friday, June 26, 2009

baby hauz

If you knew me say... some 8 years ago, you would know that I hate children.

I hated how they needed so much attention. I hated how they cry all the time. I hated how they cost so much money. I hated how they (would) make me all fat and flabby.

Then. OMG, you know what they say about us women having this maternal thing in you surface?


I caught myself ooohing and aaahing at babies. I don't remember when it started... must be when I was in my mid 20s. Yes lah, I'm in my late 20s now OK? No need to count.

So as I was saying, I started admiring these little things. When I see parents walking around the mall with a baby in the stroller, I'll peek and coo to myself. When I go out for dinners, sometimes a family would be seated nearby and I'll be making faces at their toddler and stick my tongue out! (sometimes they imitate - so cute I tell you!)

When Little Jeremy came about, and when I first saw him at the hospital, I almost melted cos he was so tiny and cute!

Having said that, NO- I AM NOT READY TO BE A MOTHER YET. I still want to be able to fit into my wetsuit and dive. And of course, I don't have the money to feed another person.

Sure, babies are cute. Darn cute I tell ya. But as long as I don't have to bring them home and fuss about feeding and changing, I am more than happy to play with them for a while.

Guess my maternal thingie is still under-developed huh?

But when I do have children, I'd want my first-born to be a girl. So I can lavish her with pretty dresses and she can prance around town in them like her momma!

In the mean time, I'm quite happy looking at pretty little things at Baby Hauz!

Do check it out, and give Stefi your support ya!

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