Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I live in Puchong.

I left the house at 9am this morning, wanting to get to Damansara Utama by 10am.

Not a big fan of the LDP because it's a 2-lane highway, I opted for the Jalan Kelang Lama route, which will eventually lead me to Federal Highway, and then onto the Kerinchi Link.

Come 9:30, I was making no progress and would never get to DU by 10, made a U-turn and headed for the LDP.

Once I turned onto the LDP, I teared at the sight of what was proably a million cars queueing up to pay RM1.60. There was no way to get out of it. Finally it was my turn. I paid, took the U-turn and went straight home.

I wasted an hour of my life going nowhere.

I've been asking everyone, 'What is the cause of this morning's congestion?"

"Raining lah!" they all tell me.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

spoon gripe

I have a problem with them plastic, disposable spoons.

When used to eat noodles, the spoon can only hold 6 strands of meehoon and a tiny, tiny sip of soup.

They give me these spoons when I buy mixed rice too. And for rice, the spoon holds about 10 grains of rice and my piece of sweet and sour pork rolls off when I try to bring it to my mouth.

Then, there was this once when I ordered Xiao Long Bao from Asia Cafe, and they gave me these spoons as well. The diameter of the dumpling, of course exceeded that of the spoon. But skillfully and gingerly, I managed to cajole the piece of dumpling to balance on the spoon and en route to my mouth, the bugger rolled off and landed splat onto the floor. RM 1 per dumpling OK! *sobs*

Sigh. I just want a proper spoon to eat with lah!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

quickie #386

Wet and cold today. In the subzero room, my fingers froze over the keyboard. A new place will tell new stories.

My wet hair is wrapped in a bundle of towel that is sitting atop my head. The shower was lovely, thank you very much :) My feet is propped up on the glass table. The Starbucks paper cup, emptied just moments ago.

It's moments like these that I indulge in during such hectic days.

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