Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Best news this week!

"Are you free tonight?" asked my Course Director when he called.

"Tonight cannot lah. Tomorrow also cannot. But we're OK for Thursday and Friday," I said to him.

"Cannot, Thursday to the weekend I'm not free, then I leave to Tioman on Sunday," he said.

My heart suddenly felt so light, and I smiled to myself.

"Oh lucky you, get to go to Tioman!"

He mumbled something about nobody wanting to go; therefore he has to do it.

"Then I'll see you all next week lah!" he said.

I smiled to myself and went 'YAY!!!!!' under my breath.

"OK lorr...." I told him, trying to sound disappointed.

"Promise me you all will study ah!"

"Yes Richard, we promise to study".


I've only had one teacher who scared me so much.

My tuition teacher from my primary school days, she was so fierce she made my mom look like a kitten.

And now, after all these years, the second one is in the form of my Course Director.

Posted by Doreen at 5:44 pm