Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Due to the fact that I've got my own set of wheels, I am hardly a passenger in someone else's car. I know of some people (girls usually) who love to get people to pick them up, eventhough they've got their own car, but I'm not most girls. *beams*

Environmentalists, of course I know that car-pooling is good. I was talking about those out-of-the-way-kind-of-will-you-give-me-a-lift.


So yes, because I am hardly ever a passenger, therefore I never really noticed my passenger-habits.

Turns out that I am somewhat of a backseat driver.

I say somewhat because Wikipedia states that, a back seat driver is a passenger in vehicle who is not in control of the vehicle and appears to be uncomfortable with the skills of the current driver and/or feels the need to tutor said driver. I don't exercise the 'need to tutor the said driver' part, but I definitely exhibit the first half.

During office hours, The Boss and I would go for meetings together and he'd be the one driving. Every time he changes lane, exits a junction, enters a roundabout, you get the drift; I always look into the left side-mirror. Yes, always.
He laughs everytime I do that.

I must clarify though - I do this not because I don't trust his skills. An extra pair of eyes is always a bonus right? And besides, a girl is not supposed to doubt a man's capabilities when it comes to the operation of a motor vehicle. So nooo, of course I trust him.

He whacked his left side-mirror some days ago. We went for a meeting today.

I miss the mirror.

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Friday, October 24, 2008


You know that stretch of road leading to Mont Kiara or Desa Sri Hartamas where you pass the Science Centre and the Securities Commission and all that?

Well, I hate it.

It's a straight road with a speed limit of 80km/h.

And keeping at 80km/h is VERY difficult, even in my under-powered Kenari.

Our dear coppers love setting up road blocks along that stretch, as they can all make quick bucks from speed monsters.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wrong day

You know those days when things don't go your way?

Well, today was one of those.

Upon arrival at a client's place for a meeting, we found out that he's on leave.


Since the second meeting was about 2 hours later within the same area, we sat down to grab a drink and bite.

They didn't have the pie I wanted. And second choice came out charred at the sides.


Then second appointment texted to say that she needs to postpone the meeting.


When the afternoon rain subsided, we ran some errands on the way back to the office.

Decided to stop for durian pancakes. Nuh uh, durian pancakes not ready. Would you like to come back tonight?

Do I look like a durian monster?

He did though.

Sensing our misery, the nice lady said she'll replace the pandan with durian in some sesame seed ball thingamajig.

Didn't cut it.

Durian pancakes would have been nice.

On another note.

Here's a new dress.

OK fine. Not new, new; since it's the second wear in a span of 8 days.

It looked OK at first.

Then it started to look like... those batik/floral housecoats that fat aunties wear to the market... sans the V-neck of course.

Does it?

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Friday, October 17, 2008


Drawing inspiration from Lynette's entry on simple pleasures, I thought I'd break the trend of 'low' entries (after the sprained ankle and a funeral), with a warm, fuzzy one.

I love stepping out of the bathroom in the morning, and after drying myself, jump back into bed under the covers for another few minutes. I love that few moments of stolen pleasure before I embrace the day.

Coming into the office before everyone else does, I pop a CD into the player and believe that Michael (Buble) is crooning to no one else but me!

As I apply my make up (uh huh, I no longer do this in the car), I draw immense satisfaction from my hand perfectly guiding the eye-liner pencil the way I want it drawn. And I smile into the mirror and think, "Doreen, you so hot!".

I take in deeply the smell of a mug of hot peppermint tea, and the comfort it offers as it trickles down my inflamed throat. (Side note: Damn sore throat that's been around for more than 5 days now!)

An Oreo's cookie (or two) in the afternoon always works like magic. Actually, any other chocolate products for that matter.

Going back to bed after a massive lunch of banana leaf rice on a Sunday afternoon... now that is da bomb. Bonus pleasure points if it rains just as I'm about to doze off.

The mere thought of the need to shop for a new pair of bikini for the upcoming Sipadan trip in December on a Friday afternoon... and while I'm at that, making a mental count of the days before we fly off...

That comforting feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and upon looking at the time, realize that it's a few more hours before the alarm is due to go off.

When daddy calls me his girl during MSN chats, I feel so small and loved.

It's no secret that I love a drink (or drinks!), but that first sip of beer after a long, hot day... now I can't even begin to describe that feeling.

The smell of clean bed sheets.. and rolling about in them under the covers with the aircon on full blast.

A day to myself with no appointments, no one to meet, no deadlines to adhere to.. where I take it slow, eat lots of junk food, have some wine and read a good book.

Life doesn't always suck.

(Though when it does, it can be quite crappy!)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

a departure

“Should we visit him during the Raya holidays?” I asked.

“Will it be jam on the highway heading up north?”

“Oh yeah… I bet everyone’s travelling! But what if we make it a day-trip, say on the second or third day of Raya?” I reasoned.

“We’ll see… I think there will be high volumes of people travelling throughout that entire weekend”.

And so we never went to visit him at the hospital.

We didn’t go the week after as well.

Then another friend called. He’s not able to orally ingest food anymore.

And so we decided on a trip to visit him the coming weekend, on 18 October.

That never materialized too.

We got a call at about 6pm on 14 October, saying that he had just passed away.

The funeral was held yesterday, at his home in Batu Gajah, Perak.

As I looked at him for the very last time yesterday, I silently reprimanded myself for not making it to visit him earlier.

I should have. That is really all I can say. We should fucking have.

Kar Wai has been fighting a cancer in his brain for almost three years. This dude, he’s a fighter. Most people last a year or two, at most. But him, he never gave up.

Guess he was really tired in the end.

Dear, dear Kar Wai… you’re on your own now. We’ll miss you. Rest in peace, bro.

Forever Remembered…

Chew Kar Wai

20 July '7914 October '08

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Friday, October 10, 2008

no ice cream

It's a Friday evening at the office.

The winds have started howling a good half an hour ago, and the growling from the skies are becoming more frequent.

I look out the window. The clouds are dark and thick. The parking lot is slowly becoming empty as people drive off into their weekend.

A cheery voice greeted me as I dialed the 1300 number. I placed my order.

"Do you still have the Mudpie Oreo McFlurry?"

"No we don't".

"OK, just the regular Oreo McFlurry then?"

"I'm sorry Miss Doreen, we don't have desserts today".

"You WHAT?!"

"That's right, we don't have any desserts today. Just the apple or banane pie".





I didn't say that to him.

I should get back to that blank page.

I've got 1.5 hours to go.


Kelvin is going to murder me.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

in and out

Awfully quiet around here innit?

So the Raya break came.

And I had some wine.

Then I jumped.

And crashed.

Well, it's no longer bandaged.

But the bruise is still evident.

I look like I have dirty feet.

Am currently reading a bizarre book.

Familiar title.

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