Friday, October 17, 2008


Drawing inspiration from Lynette's entry on simple pleasures, I thought I'd break the trend of 'low' entries (after the sprained ankle and a funeral), with a warm, fuzzy one.

I love stepping out of the bathroom in the morning, and after drying myself, jump back into bed under the covers for another few minutes. I love that few moments of stolen pleasure before I embrace the day.

Coming into the office before everyone else does, I pop a CD into the player and believe that Michael (Buble) is crooning to no one else but me!

As I apply my make up (uh huh, I no longer do this in the car), I draw immense satisfaction from my hand perfectly guiding the eye-liner pencil the way I want it drawn. And I smile into the mirror and think, "Doreen, you so hot!".

I take in deeply the smell of a mug of hot peppermint tea, and the comfort it offers as it trickles down my inflamed throat. (Side note: Damn sore throat that's been around for more than 5 days now!)

An Oreo's cookie (or two) in the afternoon always works like magic. Actually, any other chocolate products for that matter.

Going back to bed after a massive lunch of banana leaf rice on a Sunday afternoon... now that is da bomb. Bonus pleasure points if it rains just as I'm about to doze off.

The mere thought of the need to shop for a new pair of bikini for the upcoming Sipadan trip in December on a Friday afternoon... and while I'm at that, making a mental count of the days before we fly off...

That comforting feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and upon looking at the time, realize that it's a few more hours before the alarm is due to go off.

When daddy calls me his girl during MSN chats, I feel so small and loved.

It's no secret that I love a drink (or drinks!), but that first sip of beer after a long, hot day... now I can't even begin to describe that feeling.

The smell of clean bed sheets.. and rolling about in them under the covers with the aircon on full blast.

A day to myself with no appointments, no one to meet, no deadlines to adhere to.. where I take it slow, eat lots of junk food, have some wine and read a good book.

Life doesn't always suck.

(Though when it does, it can be quite crappy!)

Posted by Doreen at 11:55 am