Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wrong day

You know those days when things don't go your way?

Well, today was one of those.

Upon arrival at a client's place for a meeting, we found out that he's on leave.


Since the second meeting was about 2 hours later within the same area, we sat down to grab a drink and bite.

They didn't have the pie I wanted. And second choice came out charred at the sides.


Then second appointment texted to say that she needs to postpone the meeting.


When the afternoon rain subsided, we ran some errands on the way back to the office.

Decided to stop for durian pancakes. Nuh uh, durian pancakes not ready. Would you like to come back tonight?

Do I look like a durian monster?

He did though.

Sensing our misery, the nice lady said she'll replace the pandan with durian in some sesame seed ball thingamajig.

Didn't cut it.

Durian pancakes would have been nice.

On another note.

Here's a new dress.

OK fine. Not new, new; since it's the second wear in a span of 8 days.

It looked OK at first.

Then it started to look like... those batik/floral housecoats that fat aunties wear to the market... sans the V-neck of course.

Does it?

Posted by Doreen at 6:46 pm