Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Due to the fact that I've got my own set of wheels, I am hardly a passenger in someone else's car. I know of some people (girls usually) who love to get people to pick them up, eventhough they've got their own car, but I'm not most girls. *beams*

Environmentalists, of course I know that car-pooling is good. I was talking about those out-of-the-way-kind-of-will-you-give-me-a-lift.


So yes, because I am hardly ever a passenger, therefore I never really noticed my passenger-habits.

Turns out that I am somewhat of a backseat driver.

I say somewhat because Wikipedia states that, a back seat driver is a passenger in vehicle who is not in control of the vehicle and appears to be uncomfortable with the skills of the current driver and/or feels the need to tutor said driver. I don't exercise the 'need to tutor the said driver' part, but I definitely exhibit the first half.

During office hours, The Boss and I would go for meetings together and he'd be the one driving. Every time he changes lane, exits a junction, enters a roundabout, you get the drift; I always look into the left side-mirror. Yes, always.
He laughs everytime I do that.

I must clarify though - I do this not because I don't trust his skills. An extra pair of eyes is always a bonus right? And besides, a girl is not supposed to doubt a man's capabilities when it comes to the operation of a motor vehicle. So nooo, of course I trust him.

He whacked his left side-mirror some days ago. We went for a meeting today.

I miss the mirror.

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