Wednesday, December 16, 2009

we dunnit!

While in Phuket the other day, a receipt fell out of the Open Water Diver Course manual which we had brought along.

It was a receipt for the registration fees which we paid to enrol for the OWDC with Lynette.

See the date?

And two years later...

... we completed our Instructor Examination on 13 December 2009.

In the weeks leading up to the IE, I have tossed in bed at night asking myself, "What have you gotten yourself into?"

I knew I wasn't alone.

Next to me, he probably was thinking the same. But in the dark, neither voiced our stress because we had gone to bed angry at each other after having fought over some Physics or Physiology question in our attempt to study together as two civilized adults.

On good days however, we supported each other well. When he needed help on his theory, I did my best to explain. When I doubted my in-water skills and demonstrations, he walked me through the steps and assured me I was fine.

With it all over now, I can safely say that the Instructor Development Course (IDC), which culminated at the Instructor Examination in Phuket last week, was one of the craziest things I've done, one that is so freaking stressful, yet has brought about an amazing sense of fulfilment.

It has been three days since we returned from Phuket, and I am still reveling in the high of the experience. Not just the exams in Phuket, but everything... right from the day we took our first breath underwater, the trips we made, the courses we studied for, the internships we did, the day we went for our IDC Orientation with our Course Director, and eventually, our last evening in Phuket where we were absolutely exhausted, but so darn pleased and happy.

The course and the exam may be over, but the adventure is just about to begin.

Who knows what the days ahead will be like?

Who knows what kind of an instructor I'll be?

But if my mentors are anything to go by, I think we'll be great! :)

Thank you Richard! Thank you Lynette!

And oh, thank you to my ex-boss and current boss for letting me take so many off days to go on trips.


Posted by Doreen at 4:39 pm