Tuesday, September 26, 2006

100 Things About Me

  1. I had dreams of becoming a pop singer.
  2. I still do.
  3. But just a small teeny weeny part in me.
  4. When I'm in my room alone, I practice my "sexy come-hither pout" in front of the mirror.
  5. I dreamt of becoming a news-reader too. But since that dream is no where near reality, read out loud headlines from the day's papers and if I try really hard, I can see the cameras rolling.
  6. Each and every time I take my first sip of a Starbucks' latte, I make orgasmic oooh-and-aaah sounds.
  7. I have a horrible nose that comes along with a terrible sinus problem.
  8. I tell it to people in their faces if they have bad breath.
  9. I fantasize about being blindfolded, gagged, all tied up and then being forced to perform sexual acts.
  10. I used to flirt with fat, ugly and horny policemen to avoid getting a ticket, but these days I couldn't be arsed cos the cops are getting fatter and uglier by the day! Just gimme the ticket goddamit.
  11. I'm quite the snoot - if you want to speak to me in English, please ensure that your command of the language is above average. Otherwise, just do it in your mother tongue. I speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and BM - all fluently.
  12. I sleep with only my panties on.
  13. My tastebuds prefer Tiger to Carslberg.
  14. When I go bra-less on certain days due to the nature of my outfit, I worry if my erected nipples are visibly protruding when I enter a cold room.
  15. I worry about not being able to have children when it's time for me to do so.
  16. Childbirth scare the living daylight out of me since I found out that they'd have to snip my vagina to widen it if I were to opt for natural delivery.
  17. I'm generally a happy and cheerful person.
  18. The most I've drank in one night would be half a bottle of 750ml Smirnoff vodka in the span of 20 minutes. It was a dare. I won.
  19. I have consumed 15 glasses (ie 3 whole bottles) of red wine in one night. I staggered home in a cab after that.
  20. Men are not the only liars in relationships. I've cheated on ex-boyfriends before when I was younger.
  21. I love my current man to bits and would never do anything to hurt him.
  22. My comfort food is KFC original fried chicken.
  23. ... and Domino's thin crust beef pepperoni pizza.
  24. ... and McNuggets.
  25. ... and waffles with ice cream.
  26. I am a Red Devils fan.
  27. But I'm not against LFC or their fans OK? I share the bed with one, you goon!
  28. I have started using anti-ageing skincare products.
  29. Once, I dirty-danced with a young Caucasian couple in a club in Perth.
  30. They asked if I'd like to finish up the night at their apartment with a menage-a-trois.
  31. I politely declined with a lame reason.
  32. I am a self-proclaimed-SMS-addict and can tell grandmother stories via SMSes.
  33. I've smooched strangers in clubs.
  34. My dad is my idol!
  35. I look older than my age and have been granted entry into most clubs since I was 16.
  36. But I have stopped clubbing because I'm getting old. My bones and liver need a break.
  37. These days, my life is a routine.
  38. Clam chowder brings back good memories.
  39. I plan to retire by the beach.
  40. Or a farm in New Zealand.
  41. When van Nistelrooy was still with MU, I have thought about shagging him right in the middle of the field at Old Trafford.
  42. Since there are no more shaggable studs on the team, Henry would do just fine.
  43. Ooooh, maybe we could do it at the new Emirates stadium too!
  44. Luis Garcia is mighty shaggable too.
  45. I am a sucker for the bad-boy-rock-star look.
  46. I love men with goatees.
  47. I have ugly feet.
  48. I am looking for cash sponsors so that I can have liposuction performed on my tummy area.
  49. While you're at it, my thighs could do with some work too.
  50. I would never go out with someone who cannot speak proper English.
  51. I am afraid of using whitening products, have things go wrong and I end up an albino.
  52. I can be quite a nag.
  53. I am terribly particular about the strands of hair which are lying around on the room floor, and spend time every night picking them up.
  54. I love being in front of the camera.
  55. The curtains in my room don't match.
  56. I use 2 different types of fabric, a wooden blind, and a bunting from a previous event.
  57. I condemn hover-above-clean-toilet-seat ladies to eternal hell! If it's clean, sit! If you dirty it, clean!
  58. I dislike cats.
  59. I wear a lot of black.
  60. I'm laid back.
  61. But forced to adapt to crazy work schedules.
  62. A particular client I'm working with currently has made me realize the mobile phone is the dumbest piece of shit ever created.
  63. I dislike getting calls from clients at 1am in the morning.
  64. I may not be sleeping, but I still don't like clients calling me at 1am.
  65. I have been in several nasty accidents - traffic or otherwise.
  66. I think Hollywood is fun and exciting.
  67. I memorize lyrics to Chinese songs so that I can belt them out at karaoke bars, since I can't read.
  68. I like them studded.
  69. I actually like eating breast meat - not just for health reasons.
  70. Barbequed chicken wings come a close second.
  71. Yes, I enjoy my dose of trashy novels.
  72. I can change my own tyres.
  73. I wish all the cancer in the world would just go away.
  74. I smoke about 10-12 cigarettes a day.
  75. It increases with the numbers of alcoholic drinks I consume after work.
  76. Johnson's baby lotion is my after-shower indulgence.
  77. I pay RM8 to get my car washed once every.. uh.. 6-8 weeks?
  78. A cup of hot coffee in the morning makes me function better.
  79. I cannot work on a hungry stomach.
  80. I sometimes drink oats to replace dinner.
  81. My clothes are getting loose, but I could still do with some weight loss.
  82. I have a cleavage which is to-die-for and have no qualms showing it off.
  83. My biggest worry about ageing has nothing to do with wrinkles or cellulite - but rather my boobs falling prey to gravity.
  84. I think tampons are the best thing that happened to women since rich-and-old tycoons.
  85. I fancy my alcoholic drinks.
  86. I'm a podium girl when we hit the clubs for a night of drinking and dancing.
  87. I am the eldest of 4 daughters.
  88. Together, we can bring the house down.
  89. When I was drunk many moons ago, I stepped on broken glass and ended up with a 13cm cut on the sole of my left foot.
  90. At my first break-up, I chain-smoked 2 packets of Marlboro that night.
  91. He was good while it lasted.
  92. I'm pretty good at playing pool.
  93. I think golf is stupid.
  94. P-'effin-GA what?
  95. I use vulgarities.
  96. Just sometimes.
  97. Oooh, this has been fun.
  98. 2 more to go!
  99. 1 more!
  100. And I'm there!

Posted by Doreen at 9:24 am