Monday, May 24, 2004

Blue what?

OK, so I just wolfed down my breakfast and gulped my Iced Milo down.. Well, just so that I can quickly blog and then get started to work! Then again, that's no excuse for a young lady to eat in such a manner! HAHAHAH.

So there we are. Its was just 2 weekends ago that I got drunk at Thai Club and fell as we were walking to the car. As usual, I was adamant that I wasn't drunk and didn't need no help from friends who were trying to hold me.

And voila! Another weekend just passed. At Thai Club again, with the same group of people, and ordered the same bottle of that faithful old Jack Daniel's. Nope, no drunken tales and woes for this weekend. Thank god for that! Cos just as we came out of the Club, I saw a bunch of students from the College. Yep, the horny and rowdy bunch of them international students..

I don't get it you know? At College, they wouldn't dare. But on a night out, just cos they saw me in party gear on a Saturday night, it's OK to come and act all friendly and act as though we know each other very well? To kiss my cheeks and even try to kiss my neck? Hello!? Tsk tsk... Big mistake boys!

The last week was hectic. As usual. Like it has been every single god damned day for the past 20 months that I've been in this company. Ah, what's new. But anyways, the event that we managed at the Sheraton was great! Everything went really well, and client and staff were all happy as the conference ended on Thursday evening. All tired out.

Actually this event was pretty fun. Work was tiring, but cos the Conference ends at 5pm on both days, the crew pretty much had the rest of evening off.. And since we had to be up by 6am the next morning, we sure made full use of our time drinking beer in the hotel room till 3am in the morning! HAHA.

I realize that taking your anger out on someone else isn't nice afterall. I mean, I am at fault for doing that at times. Like when I'm having a really bad day at work, and the next person who happens to come up to me and ask me for something, well I'm sorry, but I for sure will snap at that poor bugger.

Over the weekend, met up with a dear friend who took his moodiness out on me. According to him, he got out of the wrong side of bed. Expect me to think that that's a valid reason for screwing me? Pfft.

Then again, I guess I must learn from his mistakes. Tsk tsk. I guess I must learn to control myself in future. No point snapping at the other innocent party right?

Anyways, work beckons.

Posted by Doreen at 9:49 am