Monday, July 21, 2008

Sabah Bliss: III

On their website, their tagline is 'Mataking: One Resort with Two Islands'.

The second island is an offspring island, aptly named Mataking Kecil.

Here's looking at Mataking Kecil

Both islands are connected by a sand bar, accessible on foot only when the tide is out.

Opening up

The tide starts to goes out at about at about 9ish in the morning... and by lunch time, the sand bar becomes fully accessible to cross over to Mataking Kecil.

There isn't anything on Mataking Kecil, except trees, rocks and remnants of dead corals and whatnot.

On Mataking Kecil

Sunbathers who opt to chill on Mataking Kecil are advised to make their way back to the main island before the tide comes back up in the evening, else take a long swim back.

It's nice to take a stroll in the morning, just as the tide is starting to recede. You kinda feel like Moses.

And you can take your pick - which side of the water you want to have a dip in.

It's nice to also take a walk in the afternoon, when the tide is completely out.

You and your friends can pose randomly....

... collect pretty looking sea shells...

... make sand turtles...

... erm, pose some more...

... and indulge in your narcissistic tendencies...

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