Friday, June 27, 2008

li'l bits

25 divers.

5 days in paradise.

1 destination.

Only 4 days more!


"Why are you wasting your time with Managers and Directors? You need to see decision-makers Doreen. Speak to the owners, speak to the Managing Directors," says the boss.

Sure boss.

You carry a Dato'ship, and have a white man's name.

My card says 'Doreen Loo, Account Manager' and I'm supposed to get an appointment to meet Datuk or Tan Sri so-and-so with just one phone call?


Doing a short film for Wen tomorrow. It's called 'Chicken'.

Fun - yes, I can imagine so! But nervous too, never done anything like this before.


I hate growing up.

Everyone should just smoke up and chill.



Posted by Doreen at 9:49 am