Thursday, May 29, 2008


For the last time, my name is Doreen!

It is a given name, found on my birth certificate, MyKad, passport, EPF account, income tax account, EVERY GOD DAMN THING.

Except the company's payroll system. Idiots.

If it is Fanny or Orange or Bambi, then yes, I would forgive you if you happen to assume that I gave myself that name.


Man on throne is hawt. HAHAHAHAH!


He said I smelled like a baby's buttocks.

I told him he smelled like corn, a'la corn in cup, complete with salt and butter.



Don't be a twat. Come watch
How I Learned to Drive.


Can you imagine me being a 'Bambi'???


"Hi, I'm Bambi. Bambi Loo".

Posted by Doreen at 4:39 pm