Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The real truth about people in theatre.

We have a day job too, but love the arts and the platform of expression it offers.

We don't stroll the streets of Paris, sipping lattes on the Champs and watch people go by while pondering on the meaning of life. OK, maybe some do. I don't know. I have my coffee at mamaks and Starbucks SS15, and I ponder upon life while sitting on my throne.

We don't speak with foreign accents, but plain old 'A neh, teh tarik satu' kind-of-Malaysian-accent.

Elitists bastards I hear you say? No way! Where in the world did you get this idea? We're just like you, struggling to find a place, struggling to find ourselves, struggling to pay our bills, struggling to make a point, struggling to express.

Loving the arts does not mean we are trying to be different, trying to be atas. Just like how you love football, or ballet, or painting, or knitting, or zhng-ing your car, we love interpreting chunks of text, getting into character and executing them on stage.

When the director commends us for running a good scene, we get the same high you do when you (or your team) scores a goal. When the director says we suck, we get the same feeling as you when a penalty is missed. Or as bad as when you end the season with no silver *grins*

So what are we really like?

A bunch of young people, coming together because we love what we do. We work towards a production - the sweat, tears, laughter - and we want to share the end result with you. Theatre is really for everyone.

If you have seen any of The Oral Stage's past works, you would know that we write, speak and perform about everyday life that you and I are so familiar with.

And How I Learned To Drive is going to be just that as well.

Growing up in a family with thin, penetrable personal boundaries, Li'l Bit becomes the victim of an incestuous intimacy - Uncle Peck does not only teach his teenage niece to drive, but sexualises her childhood as well.

Narrated through a series of bittersweet flashbacks, HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE is an honest, coming-of-age account on forgiveness, healing and growth – and how one can find light even from the unhealthiest of relationships.
HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE was first produced in 1997 in New York City and has since been awarded, in addition to the Pulitzer: the Obie, the Drama Desk Award, the New York Drama Critics Award, the Outer Circle Critics Award, and the Lucille Lortel Award.
Featuring Amelia Chen, Johann Lim and Doreen Loo, with Cameronian Arts Award nominees Davina Goh and Mark Beau de Silva. Creative Director, Kelvin Wong.Supported by Living Arts and Autodetailer.

"…one of the best plays of the decade." – USA Today

"…a tremendous achievement; genuine and genuinely disturbing." – Village Voice


4th – 7th June 2008 @ 8.30 pm
7th – 8th June 2008 @ 3.00 pm
The Actors Studio Bangsar
Level 3,West Wing Bangsar Shopping Centre
285, Jalan Maarof Bukit Bandaraya 59000 Kuala Lumpur
RM33 (Adults); RM22 (Students, senior citizens & the disabled)
TAS @ BSC Box Office: 03-2094 0400/1400
See you there?

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