Friday, May 16, 2008

office HH

Our company organizes happyhour-get-togethers once every 2 months. Most of us usually show up, cos hey, free food, and FREE DRINKS. We're free to order anything really.

But of course, nobody ever orders stuff like Graveyard, or Sex on the Beach, or Pussy Foot.

Of course, there is also a group of them who usually go for the sake of going. Instead of being labelled an anti-social.

A good crowd, usually about 40-50 will show up. The CEO himself and his wife, his senior management team, the suited up sales people, the editorial team in jeans, the programming and network channel people usually a cross between the aforementioned two, the engineering men usually straight-faced and sullen, the tea-ladies who make an effort to get out of their brown uniform and arrive in something more colourful, the administration/operation girls being more boisterous then when in the office, and the demure receptionists holding onto to bottles of Heineken.

Such get-togethers are rather interesting.

If you want to be served promptly and have the tapas and whatnots brought to you first before everyone else, join the table where the 'powerful' people are. Sauteed mushrooms, seafood paella, lamb shank, chilli prawns, warm fluffy bread, crispy calamari, enough cutlery to go around without having you to signal for the waiter over and over again.

The admin-tea lady-receptionist group/table usually have the most updated goss without missing out on the juciest details. Crouched together with heads close to one another, many a stories are told and re-told. Best to order tequilas when with them. Your pinch of salt readily available.

The editorial team is the most dress down group. Designers with spiky hair and untucked shirts, chain-smoking photographers, writers who are either dressed to kill (depending on the event they have attended or will be attending later in the day) or like a slob. They are usually loud, and fun. If you run out of ciggies, you join them.

Sales people are armed with their namecards, ready to pounce on the slightest sign of a sales prospect. Despite being loggerheads with one another (fighting over accounts and whatnot), they end up sitting at the same table. Conversation amongst people in this group are usually laced with sarcasm, evil, hatred, bitchiness and plenty of "Oh, any luck with (insertbrandnamehere)?" without being too obvious that you are hoping for failure from their end, so you can pounce on that client.

Happy Friday guys!

Posted by Doreen at 7:20 pm