Friday, May 02, 2008

just because.

We weren't exactly sober to begin with, but figured we ought to quicken our steps a li'l bit because it was nearing 10:00pm. Getting caught in a queue of exiting-mall-crowd wouldn't be pretty.

I paid for parking at the auto-pay machine.

We soon drove out of the bay and made our way towards the exit.

The window came down, he extended his arm and began pressing at some random button.

I was holding the ticket in my hand, staring at the back of his head.


The phone reservations were made - 4 tickets to Fool's Gold.

But upon collection, it was nowhere to be found in their system. Lewis dejectedly joined the snaky evening queue.

The both of us waited at the side.

"What would you think if I took guitar lessons?" he asked, while staring ahead at the guitars that line the display window of the music store above Carl's Junior.

"Eh? The guitar?" I asked, making sure I wasn't hearing things.

I turned and saw him grinning away.

"What about the drums? I have this thing for drummer boys... Oooohh, they drive me crazy!" I gushed, shivering in excitement at the mere thought of a sweaty drummer working the drums.

He gave me a funny look.

"But they do! I love drummers..." I cooed.

He was eyeing me suspiciously by now.

"You are not going anywhere near a live band!"


Posted by Doreen at 5:10 pm