Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm in one of those days - pre-menstrual and feeling like a bloated cow.

Like waking up at 6:45am isn't bad enough, on top of that, I have absolutely nothing to wear to work!

I pulled out a pair of black pants and one of those long, baggy blouses - perfect for camouflaging bloatedness.

Arrived in Bangsar with some time to kill, so I dropped by Makcik's stall for a plate of meehoon with telur goreng.

Her son, as usual was helping her in manning the stall and he was the one who brought the teh-o-ais over to my table. After placing the drink down, we exchanged usual pleasantries and I enquired about the muddy state of the road. Burst pipe he said.

And he left to get busy after that, while a steady stream of customers had begun occupying the few tables and chairs around the stall.

While tucking into my breakfast, makcik's son suddenly came up really close to my side and whispered "Kak, your zipper terbuka lah!"

The zipper of the blouse.

It was at the side. And I had forgotten to pull it up.

The entire of my left torso, from under my armpit all the way to my waist was exposed. My red bra was also obviously screaming for attention.

Fuck me.

Why I didn't feel the chill morning air coming through there puzzles me.

Posted by Doreen at 11:27 am