Friday, March 28, 2008

psychic lunch

I had lunch with a client yesterday.

He works in a giant aquarium.

He looks like that Chinese actor in old Hong Kong vampire comedies, you know, the ones that go jumping around with their arms extended? He wears round spectacles.

Client told me he was psychic.

I didn't know whether to believe or not.

He cited a few examples - him being able to know what the people in the boardroom think, him being able to know that his friends are thinking about calling him, and he thus calls them first (even as far as Japan!), him being able to guess your birthday right, and many more.

He was on a roll telling me these stories!

Then he said he wanted to try moving things using his 'mental power'. Like a cup and a saucer. But he was afraid it'd bounce off the walls in his first few attempts. So he reckons trying with a ping pong ball would be the way to go, for now.

I was freaked out! And afraid he could read my mind because the only reason I bought him lunch was cos I wanted to sell him another ad space!

He said he cannot 'pick up' signals in languages he cannot understand, like Tamil or Mandarin.

I started thinking in Mandarin.

Posted by Doreen at 8:29 am