Friday, March 21, 2008


  1. Superhero power I want : To be invisible... ngek, ngek, ngek.
  2. Why? : It's fun! Imagine the money I'd make spying on people, and then selling exclusives to trashy tabloids. The likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Edison Chen, Chua Soi Lek...
  3. Downside of this power : I'd have to look for a friend who has the teleporting power to take me all over the world. Beverly Hills to Batu Pahat IS damn far OK?
  4. My superhero nickname : D Invisible
  5. My motto : Discretion is Nothing
  6. Sworn Enemy : Companies selling canggih spy gadgets.
  7. Official vehicle : Hayden Christensen is my chosen partner in crime.
  8. Day job : Barrista, at Starbucks naturally.


  1. I have been known to run along Jalan Sultan Ismail, at night, in drunken stupor, screaming out loud - "I wanna eat fishballs!"
  2. I love eating pig's ears. They're really crunchy.
  3. I have a tendency to hit my head against something when I'm angry / upset / in a fight, purposely. I know, I'm screwed up like that.
  4. I'm a silent, but ethical, farter *blush*
  5. I'm not on Facebook.
  6. At the karaoke, I *heart* Britney Spear's 'Sometimes'.
  7. I absolutely adore the trashiness of the Jerry Springer show. Back in Uni, I'd miss mid-morning/noon classes because we'd get so caught up watching people hang their dirty laundry out.
  8. I used to hate kids. Sticky, bawling creatures. But of late, I'm beginning to ooh-and-aah at cute little tots.
  9. I was a rather snooty Penolong Ketua Darjah in my early primary school days.
  10. I have held my full bladder for the last 15 minutes, indulging myself as I write this crap.

Now, let's see YOU do this -- Hello Kitty, Hensem 9, Kanasai Jason.

Posted by Doreen at 9:14 pm