Thursday, February 28, 2008

in my car

Good evening.

Welcome to a special edition of ‘An Hour in My Car During Rush Hour Traffic’!

Today we are going to be exploring the items found in Doreen’s car which will tell us a little bit more about this gorgeous babe.

A mirror ball dangling from the rearview mirror indicates that she is someone who thinks a lot, engaging in plenty of self-reflection. Oh, don’t be mistaken, when I mean thinking, it’s more daydreaming really. Her fancy for the mirror element means that she has a vain streak. Then again, you already know that.

Wearing flip flops while driving tells us that Doreen is someone who is laid back and prefers being in a casual environment. Despite looking commandingly sexy when in a suit and killer heels with her hair all bunned up, she feels most at home in jeans, tee, flip flops and letting her hair down.

Liquid foundation is usually the first (or second if you count moisturiser as first) thing you apply when you do your make-up. Having a bottle of this sitting in her car indicates laziness. She sleeps in till the very last minute, showers, get dressed and she's out the door, without having time to doll her face. I bet you, her moisturiser is in that big tote of hers.

You probably think that these are 3 very different objects / species, but Doreen thinks otherwise. To her, these 3 are family - Papa Koala, Mama Cube and Baby Dolphin. From this, you can tell that Doreen places the family unit high up on a pedestal and she draws a lot of support, encouragement and strength from her own immediate family members.

Again, here we find an item of accessory dangling from an easily accesible place. This further reiterates her 'last-minute' habit. Besides, this flower-and-bead bracelet looks pretty with anything, and jazzing up a boring outfit can be done just moments before stepping out of her car for drinks at the pub after work.

By having her phones out of her bag during her drive shows us that she is one who is able to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. When caught in a traffic snarl, Doreen blasts her radio and sings along loudly to entertain herself. Sometimes, she can even be caught dancing, much to the amusement of other road users. Okay, so she can be quite deaf too, often not hearing her phone ring when it is caught under all the rubbish in her bag.

A-ha! This is something which all Malaysian drivers should learn from Doreen! She clearly cares for the cleanliness of the city and is on the whole, concerned about the environment. Be it used tissue paper or Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets, it all goes into a little pouch which she uses as her mini trash can.

A messy back seat - you can see here that she has in her backseat her briefcase, an item of clothing and shades for the car, all stashed on the chair. This indicates that she is not adventurous sexually and prefers to keep it within the four walls of her bedroom. Doreen should learn to not be so 'square' and to try explore some back-seat-lovin' once in a while.

Posted by Doreen at 8:09 pm