Tuesday, December 11, 2007


'Twas the mother of all wet Mondays.

It rained and rained, and rained, and just wouldn't stop.

So I pulled up at the Shell station on my way home. The attendant on duty, typically, a migrant worker.

"Card or cash?" he asked as I emerged from my car.

I waved the card I was holding in my hand.

Waiting impatiently for the approval process, I heard him.

"Mau cuci cermin?"

I eye-balled him.

He still didn't get it.

"Hujan lah abang oi...."

He was the second gas station attendant who asked me if I wanted my windows cleaned despite the pouring rain. I wonder if they REALLY are that dense, or merely trying to chat up a hot chick.

So, while some were busy evacuating their homes and worrying over rising flood waters (God bless them!), we gathered for drinks.

Boards of flavoured vodka shots, aromatic red wine, soothing mojitos and jagger bombs were the order of the night. Coupled with a large dollop of laughter, bitching and gossiping, it was THE perfect remedy for an ultra wet Monday.

Posted by Doreen at 11:00 am