Friday, November 30, 2007

Debt Free

I got home from work past 1am last night and found some bills sitting in my post box.

With heavy steps, I made my way to the lift and rode up to the tenth floor. There is nothing worse than coming home after a horribly long day, and finding nothing but bills in the mail.

After a nice hot shower, I opened and read through each bill, saving the most-detested Citibank one for last.

My eyes widened.

I read further.

"That's funny", I thought to myself. The second page, which usually listed out the details of my loan instalments were no where to be found.

I promptly called the 24-hour Customer Service line and waited in queue while someone from India greeted me.

After verifying a long list of personal particulars, I finally was able to explain why I made the call.

"So I'd like to ask, is there like some printing error in the latest bill I received? Cos I don't see anything about my next payment for the loan I undertook?"

"Well miss, you have actually settled the last and final instalment in your payment to us last month, and everything is fully paid up", said the still-cheery-at-2am-customer-service-personnel.

"You mean I've paid EVERYTHING?"

"Yes miss, all 18 instalments", and I detected a smile in her voice.

I laughed out loud, and thanked her profusely, and she thus bid me goodnight.

Hoorah! Yours truly is now DEBT FREE, and I am still reveling in this newfound financial status! *beams*

Citibank - SCREW YOU!


Nicholas - you tagged me with the "8 Random Facts About Myself" meme, I have already written a 100.


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