Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My girlfriends and I, we've been bitchin' - about work, about men, about life itself.

You're probably thinking, what do these couple of young farts know about life when they've only been on the face of this earth for 20-something years?

Maybe we don't. That's why in our desperation to find out more, we bitch about it. Of course, that's a close second after "actually living it".

So reality hit us hard. Like real hard? Wham-right-in-your-face- kinda hard.

We've come to realize that, by god - life sucks.

Thing is, I'm beginning to doubt that we're actually supposed to live life. I'm thinking it could be the other way round, you know, life actually fucking us around and pulling us on a dog leash?

So now I sound like some conspiracy theorist don't I? That our life is one gigantic propaganda, and ironically, no, God ain't the Master of Puppets. God knows who he is.

I mean, really, if we are supposed to live life... then how come I'm not lazing on some paradise beach under swaying palm trees, with bosa nova tunes in the background while I sip on frozen margaritas?


Tell me, dammit!

Posted by Doreen at 4:57 pm