Tuesday, October 02, 2007

elevator man

"There's no point in reading the papers these days".

There I was - juggling my oversized bag, packet of kopi ais and flipping through the papers in the elevator. There's only me and him in here - so he must be talking to me right?

I looked up at him and smiled, and genuinely wanted to hear him out, I asked him why.

"There seems to be this obsession with morbidity don't you think? And they expect people to read news like these everyday, and then be motivated and productive at work or with their lives?"

"I've thought about that too - too much sadness going on around us," said I.

He was an Indian man, in his late 40s I reckon. With a pair of square, black-rimmed specs. He was, oddly enough - holding a pair of black socks in his hands and began unrolling them apart. I noticed myself taking a step backwards, as though to protect my scared kopi ais from contamination.

"I don't read them anymore. Why be plagued with sorrows? We all need to be happy".

I nodded and continued looking (staring) at him.

The door opened and he stepped out, while turning back to smile and say "You have a good day!"

"I'll try to... (you know with reading the papers and all)! But you have a good one!" I hollered back at him.

Posted by Doreen at 9:37 am