Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Story of a Working Class Girl

Once upon a time, there was a working class girl who commutes around the Valley in what she thinks is her trusty old Kenari.

On one fine morning, sticking to her usual routine, working class girl made it a point to check the condition of the car tyres before starting up the engine. To her dismay, she found a flat and cursed like a Chinaman contractor. She drove slowly to the nearest mechanic shop.

Upon inspection, the mechanic told her that the tyre had no nail puncture whatsoever. However, the rim had a damage, thus causing air to seep out, and thus the flat. The rim's damage is caused by the Valley's numerous potholes. Working class girl cursed again, this time like a mama-san who's whores have been rounded up by the police.

Being late for work, and having a huge presentation that day itself, she told the mechanic to fix the rim, and change the tyre. What's so shitty is that the tyres are only 3 months old.

Working class girl learnt a lesson that morning. Avoid potholes at all cost.

She eventually got to work alright and started preparing for her presentation later that day. At about 3pm, she left for the client's place and parked the car (illegally of course) at the side of the road while she ran up for the meeting. About 2 hours later, she ran down again, expecting to find a summons stuck to her windscreen.


"Eh, there is a God afterall!" she thought to herself.

*kreeek kreeek* went the car engine as she tried to turn the ignition on. She tried again and again but the damn Kenari just would not start!

"Fark - I take back what I just said! Dammit!"

Being a damsel in distress, she smiled pathetically at some passerby and a nice Indian man came to her rescue. He told her that her battery konked.

Working class girl was thankful for a recent insurance policy she purchased which came with complimentary road assistance, and within an hour, the insurance company sent a mechanic braving through peak hour KL traffic and replaced a brand new battery for her.


Back to office. Work beckons.

Hah! What a day.

Posted by Doreen at 7:24 pm