Monday, July 02, 2007

FOC Roti

With sleep still in my eye but hidden behind a pair of oversized shades, I drove out on Sunday morning to buy breakfast.

We still have some superb curry left over from last night's dinner so I drove to the mamak and ordered 3 slices of roti kosong to take away.

The roti-frying station was situated towards the outer part of the mamak shop, and so I placed my order with the man manning that station. He repeated my order to his colleague who then packed 3 slices of roti in a brown take-away paper.

"Kuah apa?" he then proceeded to ask me.

I told him I didn't need any kuah.

He handed the plastic bag to me and I promptly walked back to my car and drove off.

Upon reaching home, I found the RM 5 note I had tucked into my pocket earlier on, meant for purchasing the roti.

What you waiting for?

Get your free roti at Kueenz Mamak in Puchong Jaya!

Posted by Doreen at 2:45 pm