Wednesday, June 13, 2007

almost over

So the break is coming to an end. 3 weeks - where the hell did 21 days go? Dammit. Oh well. I've still got a couple more days to go till Monday comes.

I'm gonna say this and you're not allowed to laugh - I am actually quite scared about reporting for work at this new place. Yes I know; I've got "First Time Job Hopper" plastered across my forehead right? Don't rub it in, can?

So I'm asking you, yes you - any tips? Advice?

I guess spending 5 years in my first job has proven to be more hazardous than I thought it would be - it has made me fear what's out there. Christ. I feel like a hermit.

Oh no.

What do I wear to work on the first day? Which route shall I take to work on Monday? Are my colleagues nice? Is the boss a bitch? Will I have time to settle in and get to know my colleagues before work starts piling up? Will I gather support from fellow colleagues and subordinates?

Damn. And you know what it kinda feels like? Freaking Primary One all over again! Except this time, it's not the other 7 year olds that I'm scared of. They are all gonna be mean and big! And what if I get bullied? What if they backstab me? What if they all conspire and plot something against me? And.. OK, fine, I am scaring myself here.

Here I am - 26 years of age - freaking out like that. Whatever man. This sucks.

Posted by Doreen at 10:23 am