Saturday, June 09, 2007

Crackers and Coffee

I had cream crackers and coffee the other day. I dipped them crackers into my steaming mug of coffee and then greedily devoured a whole stack of them thereafter. They were heavenly. Ultra heavenly in fact.

I cannot remember the last time I had crackers dipped in coffee like that. My recent craze is the banana-choc-chip muffin from Starbucks. Then there were the cheesecake from Secret Recipe, the teeny cakes from Bakerzin, the rolls from Bread Story, the cookies from Famous Amos, oh god I could go on.

Then it hit me.

Everyone's too busy eating all those pretty little pastries and sweet delights from your up-market little cafes and bakeries. And it's all about paying good money to eat quality stuff.

But if only we bothered to look again, to go back to basics, and perhaps we just might find little joys which we forgot were there because we were too busy pursuing other things in life.

We overlooked simple joys in life because we all wanted fancy stuff, because apparently, fancy stuff makes you look "the part". And we all know that everyone's got a part to play in society. Right?

Maybe once in a while, everyone should have cream crackers dipped in coffee. It brought me back to ground.

Posted by Doreen at 7:54 pm