Thursday, May 03, 2007


Today is the eleventh day, so somebody please smack me upside down to make sure I'm not dreaming.

My only worry is that I put on weight. You know, suddenly, the tongue is given the liberty to taste and to explore - without pollutants - and food just tastes unbelievably good. Have to really watch what I put into my mouth, lest I shed a habit but gain a gazillion pounds. And I cannot have bits of me spilling out the bikini when I head for Perhentian in 2 weeks time! Shyte.

We head for Penang later today, Screwed @ The Actors Studio Greenhall all through this weekend. If not because of the bunch of crazy retards whom I'm heading to Penang with, I have a horrible feeling about the show in Penang. The energy level is waaaay down there for starters. After the run at KLPac, we had a week off. Everything was serene during the week. Serene and slow.

What the hell. I'll just enjoy the ride. The asam laksa. The char kueh teow. The ais kacang. Oooh and get high.

And what was I thinking, an English showdown at the Champions League final? Pfft. Yes, terribly sore about the elimination. But aaah, there's still one more cup to fight for. The man is flabbergasted that the Scousers went through, since he didn't place much hopes on them getting through in the first place.

I'll write more when we come back from Penang. Note to self: I managed to disassociate alcohol and cigarettes. I didn't need to light up when I had drinks. Never thought it possible.

Funny how things turn out. So many 'unexpected' in the last week.

Posted by Doreen at 9:59 am