Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog in a Network

I signed up with CJCMedia Network recently, and thus, the birth of Misteria Lane, another site where I'll be posting from on a regular basis.

Now I feel like a mother. With 2 children. And I promise to love both of them equally.

CJCMedia is basically a blog network brought about by this guy here.

CJCMedia Network is Malaysia’s premier blog network. We intend to be a prominent blog network in Malaysia. Our aim is to establish a network of Malaysian and international bloggers, who are interested in getting their voices heard over the blogosphere and the internet world. We help men and women establish their online presence by providing technical and infrastructure support.

If you are passionate about writing online and would like to explore how we can partner to pursue your interests, check out how you can apply to write and be a part of the network!

Do check it out :)

This Other Eden will remain active, and will journal my ramblings about everything and nothing. Misteria Lane will solely be a blog with a niche category, specifically on relationships. There will be no copy / pasting from one to the other, that I can assure you :)


Posted by Doreen at 2:51 pm