Monday, March 26, 2007

Diva-ful Night!

Kris, Ruth and Titi looking every bit the diva.

I almost didn't make it there, because the RM83 tickets which I got at work meant free seating. The thought of jostling with the crowd, all trying to secure themselves seats did make me think twice.

Well, I must say that I'm glad I went.
The 3 Diva concert held at the Putra indoor stadium last night was da bomb.

It all started on a good note because the 3 divas didn't act like divas at all. They didn't make the audience wait for them for like, 100 minutes or something. The show started promptly at 9pm, only a 30 minute delay - which by Malaysian standard, is commendable.

From where I was seated, at the upper tier, the singers looked like a couple of roaches running around the white stage. So for most parts of the night, my eyes were glued to the projector screens suspended from the truss above. So I apologize for the absence of photos. I didn't even bother.

Kris, Ruth and Titi looked really good. Then again, who wouldn't? Designer dresses, top-notch stylists to make your face and hair look impeccable, elegant bling bling... heck, even Camelia Parker Bowles would look good with that kind of budget lah!

Must give credit to stage designer. Very impressive.
I particularly liked how the orchestra pit was constructed. An black oval depression of about 2 feet depth, surrounded by a white frame. The opening gimmick, a short graphic-oriented video presentation, with the 50-piece orchestra providing live music, culminated in a hair-raising climax where the 3 Diva logo was displayed using the LED.

The trio paid tribute to Sheila Majid and Siti Nurhaliza by perfoming a medley of songs by the former two Malaysian songstress. The cameraman loved zooming into Sheila and Siti when their songs were being belted out. The crowd went wild every time the camera captures Sheila or Siti. I don't get that part. Like.. what?

Oh, Tun Mahathir was there with his wifey too. The crowd roared even louder when they saw him on the projector screen. And apparently, a whole host of other up there folks, ranging from celebrities to royalties judging from the line-up of luxury cars with single digit number plates, right outside the stadium. We saw a few Bentleys, a Jaguar and plenty of Mercedes.

Had to beat the crowd by leaving early.
But for the 1.5 hours I was there, the 3 Diva delivered an excellent show. Their voices were so different, but yet so powerful as one. My only gripe is that for certain songs, the 50-piece orchestra obviously drowned the vocal performance.

The song that got me hooked to Kris, Menghitung Hari, didn't quite work. I have been dreaming of the day to see Kris perform this number live. But last night's delivery just wasn't it. Just wasn't what I had been anticipating. I expected shivers down my spine, hair on my neck rising, something that would have gotten me to give her a standing ovation at the end of the song. But nothing of that sort happened. Maybe the arrangement of the song didn't quite work for me. Oh well. I also wanted to see her perform Mencintaimu. She didn't. Maybe only towards the end after I left?

That Titi DJ was quite something too. Never heard of her, but apparently she's huge in Indonesia. Ruth was all sweet and lovely. I love the huskiness in her voice, like... *roarrrrr*

Anywaaaaays. It was a good show. A good night.

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