Thursday, March 08, 2007

porn & violence

Oooowwww!" yelled the Scouse seated next to me when Sissoko's long range attempt had the ball hit the crossbar. In despair, he raised his fist and punched an imaginary something in the air.

We had just nestled ourselves comfortably on the couch, nice and fresh out of the shower after a long day at work. "Quick, quick, ESPN... see if they're showing last night's game," said the man when I made a grab for the remote control.

"But Heroes is on...". My fingers obviously did not take my words to heed as they promptly found the 8 and 1 buttons on the remote.

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The house still had an abundant supply of Chinese New Year goodies. And so our night began.

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The claypot chicken rice we had earlier made us uber thirsty, so out came the Shandy.

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What's a good night of tele without something to munch on? So I reached for the almost empty jar which contained some pistachio nuts, began cracking them open, happily munching away.

So tough to crack open, but yet so delish. "Good things don't come easy," I reminded myself.

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When Kuyt landed on top of Thuram, I let out a chuckle. Kuyt must have found it quite funny too, cos I think I saw him grin a little when he was getting up, easing his crotch up from the back of Thuram's head.

I was down to the last few nuts when it happened.

One pistachio nut decided that he wasn't going to let me have it easy...

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... and I broke my nail!

What's a woman with a torn nail to do?

I ate that nut with a vengeance.

Ladies - don't ever take the violence. Stand up for yourself. Happy International Women's Day girlfriends!

On another note, someone's been googling for some rather disturbing things, and thus found their way to my blog...

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