Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So, want a drink?

All at once.
Don't like chaos. Don't like disruption. Don't like uncertainties.
Too many happenings make me want to run away from it all. Shrink. Hide.
No. Can't.
Got to push harder.
Move on. Forward. Ahead.
Have to. Else be a laggard.
Cannot be a laggard. Society hates laggards.
Shame, shame. You cannot catch up.

Sorry. We're on air already huh?

Incoherent mambo jambo.

Something's in the air. Or in the waters. Or *gasp* in my fucking head! Whichever. Whatever. Point is, things don't seem quite right.

Aimless, directionless work. Boring office. Sluggish performance. Can't be bothered. Who cares. Let's just idle our time away. Could be post-holiday blues. Could, I say. Fire dying off? Perhaps. Time for a change? Maybe. Utter laziness? That too.

So maybe I actually suck. I can't even find the beginning, middle and end to Toilet Talk. Like hello? Even little kids know that once upon a time happens, then only they live happily ever after. Progression. From beginning to the end. Mine are just chunks, like excerpts. Stand alone excerpts which I've forced together to make it appear like an entire plot. But it's fucking vague.

On a brighter note. Finally. I'm thrilled to be performing my own work. If I ever get the words out onto paper first that is. I get to remove my panties on stage, and also take a dump with a ciagarette in hand. Woo hoo. I'll have no panties on! And I'm getting screwed! All on stage! Heh.

Less than 2 months away to show day. Super stressed can? I quite fancy this other 'auntie' role in the other piece too. I'm a stage auntie. I always get auntie parts. Maybe cos I fucking look the part? HAHA.

Head's a mess. Heart's a mess.

I wonder what will happen if my head and heart switched roles for a day? Hmmm.

Posted by Doreen at 12:08 pm