Monday, February 12, 2007


It was a Saturday night. I looked my mobile phone and saw the time - 00:00. The games at St. James' Park and Old Trafford would have kicked-off already. The dimly lit Honda showroom was filled with drunks and a handful of people were dancing like maniacs, and I was just sitting, stoning, waiting to be given permission to leave. The dancefloor has opened and surely they don't need an MC around anymore right?

I eyed a tall, lanky bloke with a trucker cap on. He had on a pair of raver's shades and his body was moving rhythmically to a song that was being played. Poser, I thought to myself. He was dancing with a pretty looking thing in a blue off-the-shoulder blouse. Her white skin tight pants revealed a trace of g-string beneath it. Poser raised his right hand and placed it on skin tight pants' waist, only to have her brush him off and then turn around to dance with someone else. Poser wandered off. I turned to the bosses with a "Can-I-go-home" look only to be ignored.


I grabbed my pack of Lights and made my way to the back entrance to have a cigarette. I lit one and called the man.


"Bellamy scored the opener already..." said he excitedly.

"Damn fast lah you all.."

"Yeah! What time shall I come pick you up?"

"Not sure lah, I'll call you again..."

Poser appeared out of no where and offered me a can of beer. "No thanks - working," I said without even looking at him and continued smoking. A few others joined us.

"Let's take a picture!" one of them shouted and I was pushed to the centre of the group, surrounded by a bunch of guys I have no intention of getting to know. Forced a smile and made uninteresting small talk with a few of them thereafter. Poser was stoning by now. One minute he was keeping quiet, and the next, he spewed brown gooey stuff out his mouth.

"OIIIIII!" one of them shouted, disgusted by the fact that a wad of gooey gunk landed on his polished leather shoe. Poser smiled drunkardly, and walked off to a nearby trash bin to empty his guts out. The other men were laughing and mocking Poser. One even used his camera to video Poser making gross throaty sounds with his head over the bin. I put my cigarette out and went back in.

I checked the time again. 12:15. I tried the "Can-I-go-home" look again when I came face-to-face with the boss. Almost as though I was verbalizing my request, he immediately replied with "OK lah, I think you can go home first... I don't think they require an MC anymore since the dancefloor is now open!"

The first half was nearing the end when I got home. J.S. Park scored for MU, and the Magpies have equalised. I munched on a burger daging special with cheese and tuned in for the first half analysis. The burger was heavenly by the way. All sloppy and juicy. Ramly burgers da bomb!

Liverpool seemed to be defending with all their might at the start of the second half. Switch. Charlton looked pretty aggresive too. "Eh! Where's the diver?" I asked no one in particular. "On MC I think," said the man. Switch. Riise made a boo-boo and Solano was awarded a penalty. The Scouse seated next to me had his head between his hands, heh. I remembered "standard Scouser stance" from one of Keropok's recent post. Switch. Shit. We missed the second goal.

"You see laaaaa! Made me miss the second goal! And while watching Liverpool give goals away!"

The rain started coming in, building up its momentum with each minute. The images began getting distorted, and we sat glued to our seats, last 10 minutes or so left, praying, hoping..


Oh, my bad. No more switch.

It's a blank. Black. Services currently not available it says.

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