Monday, February 05, 2007

Red Alert

I've been seeing red.

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A win over Martin Jol's boys was expected right? But 4 goals is indeed nice. Back to the 6 point lead over budak-budak biru!

And trying to get myself into the tong tong chiaaang mood, red is obviously the way to go.

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So pretty right?

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Got flower some more!

I know, I'm easily thrilled. Heh.

However, Chinese New Year isn't one of my favourite holidays to begin with. But I love the food, and being able to have time off work to hang out with the parents and sisters. Then again, if it's a holiday - in no way am I complaining. No work! Hoorah.

There are a variety of reasons why I dislike Chinese New Year.

Think Christmas - white winter, beautiful carols, pretty lights everywhere. But think Chinese New Year, and all I hear is bang bang bang, tong tong tong, chiang chiang chiang. Seriously, you call that music ah? And don't you hate those made-in-Malaysia CNY music videos with a bunch of people standing on a bridge next to a lake, overlooking a blossom tree and singing about God of Prosperity's upcoming visit.

And no CNY is complete without a bunch of young children, all heavily made-up and made to sing hideous pop-sized CNY tunes. They are freaking annoying, them squeaky voices and buck-toothed children.

And one director knows that sex sells and that sex is his best weapon and should be incorporated into his artistic directon of a CNY music video - he uses young teenage girls, makes them wear uber short shorts and have them prance around seductively to techno-sized CNY songs. Tong tong chiaaaang... dish dish... tong tong chiaaaang... doosh doosh... Right. DJ Fono will be proud.

Another thing which I dislike is the fact that firecrackers are banned. Yet on every corner of the street, someone is lighting up and setting someone's house alarm off. And in the papers, people die or get maimed from firecrackers-related accidents. Hehe, don't get me wrong. I love firecrackers, especially them rocket ones that are shot up into the sky and explode into a hodgepodge of pretty colours. We've not purchased firecrackers for eons, not since we were kids. And I miss fooling around around as a kid, all sweaty and excited, running back and forth lighting crackers.

I dislike it also when people come and tell me "Eii... don't eat so much oranges / dried pork slices / kuaci / cookies, later yit hei (heaty)". And this, coming from the people who are offering me these delicacies. Like get real? Now you want to let me eat or not? I'm confused.

Anyways, I shouldn't be a CNY scrooge. Let me run along now and try and soak up the merriment the best I can.

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