Thursday, February 15, 2007

Red Dot: My V-Day Gift

The alarm sprang to life and as though mechanically programmed, my arm flew over to the bedside chest. I tapped on the snooze button with my eyes still closed, and I fell back into slumber. After three snoozes or so, I turned the alarm off. Time to get up, sleepyhead! Still lying on my stomach in the midst of coaxing myself out the bed, I felt it. The wet between my legs, the first sliver of it, seeping out silently.

I continued laying there motionless. The bathroom light was on and I hear him brushing his teeth. He’s almost done, I thought. I really should get up now.

I was also still aware of the wet down there but didn’t exactly think about what it could be. I didn’t like waking up to such dampness though, loving the dryness of that just-out-of-bed-feeling; skin smooth, hair tangled but soft, limbs weak.

Clambered off the bed, eventually. Lifted my slip slightly, pulled the elastic band of my white cotton underwear and peered inside. Fuck me.

I thought about my day ahead – lugging my bags to the Puduraya bus terminal, the throng of festive season commuters, the 300 plus kilometers ride down south, the stinking hot weather. Chinese New Year, here I come.

“Are you done? I need to use the bathroom. Quiiiiick.”


“Quick leh, I really need to use it now.”

Hot steam tinged with the clean crisp scent of Dettol bar soap greeted me as he opened the door. He looked sexy – towel low around his waist, little droplets of water on the tips of his hair, fresh faced, and smelling so damn fine!

Again. I felt another sliver of wetness and shooed him out of the bathroom in haste.

As usual, I didn’t take too long in the bathroom. He was getting dressed for work when I emerged again, donning on his usual pair of grey pants.

“What’s that?” he asked.

I turned around to see him scratching at something on the blue sheets. A red dot was visible, about the size of a five cent coin.

“That is a little something for you before I go back to JB – Happy Valentine’s Day babe!”

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Posted by Doreen at 10:44 am