Friday, March 02, 2007

Of Sohais and Anfield

Heh. Imagine if I wrote "Of Sohais AT Anfield"!

Can someone tell me what was up with yesterday's massive, massive, MASSIVE traffic congestion which literally resulted in a near standstill of cars all over the Klang Valley?

We took 120 minutes to drive from Cheras to Section 17, when on a good day, all is needed is about 30 minutes.

Had to be at The Dram at 7pm last night, and promptly bundled Mel and Prakash into the car sharp at 6pm, and we left from Cheras. At 6:30pm, Midvalley Megamall was still no where in sight, and the traffic report came on.

Cheras to Midvalley took us a whole solid hour, when on a usual day, it takes us 12 minutes (yup - proudly tested and proven! ). The crawl lasted all along Federal Highway, continued even after we turned off at PJ Hilton and right up to the Rothman's roundabout where cars were squeezing and manouvering in from all 4 directions.

We eventually arrived at our destination a little shy of 8pm. That's 120 minutes of my life wasted. It usually takes us 30 minutes to get there.

Oh, the traffic report? It was pointless.

Priscilla Patrick came on and ranted about Penang, Johor and other places which were of no concern to us. Until we heard this -

"There is an unusual crawl along Salak South highway, resulting in a backlog all the way onto the Connaught Highway. At this point in time, there is still no information on what's causing this congestion, and the cameras installed along the Salak South Highway are not functioning because naughty people have stolen the cables".

Yay! Malaysia Boleh! Gambateh!


Kanina sohais!

On another note - I'm due in Ipoh this Sunday for work. The initial plan was to leave KL on Sunday morn to make it for the lunch affair up North. Then the Client decides that it would be too taxing on her to rise and shine early on a Sunday morning for travel purposes.

"Do you think we can leave on Saturday night instead? At least we can sleep in on Sunday?" she asked.

"Erhmmm...", came my hesitation.

"Oh you have got something on is it?"

"Erhmmm... yeah..." said I.

"Dinner is it? OK lah, I wait for you and we leave after dinner OK! 10pm at my place.." she said hurriedly, without giving me any space to interrupt.

Stupidly, I mumbled consent.

Dammit. Now I will have to settle with only watching the first half of the game at Anfield this week.

Quote from an article entitled More Than A Little Envy in today's STAR's Football supplement -

Steven Gerrard on Wednesday revealed a grudging admiration for Manchester United's commitment to playing stylish, attacking football before admitting that Sir Alex Ferguson's side could effectively secure the title at Anfield tomorrow.

"They'll be coming looking for maximum points because that would virtually win them the league," said Liverpool's captain...


An Anfield supporter will say that Gerrard was being humble, noble and all that. An Old Trafford one will snigger and say, "Takut ah?"

Kuyt was more a bit more positive though, "I want to score and beat Manchester United."

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