Thursday, April 19, 2007

We're Open!

"I have butterflies in my stomach..." said Rachel during warm-ups yesterday.

"Butterflies? I have dragons in mine!" said Brana, then miming a dragon clawing out of his stomach. Needless to say, eventhough last night was merely a Preview, most of us had the "I-need-to-shit-feeling".

I don't know how I did last night, but I know left KLPAC in rather high spirits. Notes from Director yet to be given to us. Today perhaps. People laughed when I did my monologue, but because it is already a comical setting to begin with, I can't really say that they laughed because I kicked ass.

Scary as it was, I had a blast. An absolute blast! The jitters that engulfed my senses disappeared as soon as I emerged from back stage. At one point, during the monologue, I even managed a quickie-mind-detour which made me realize that I was having fun on stage. Heh, I don’t think I should be doing a mind-detour when I’m performing… Cos you tend to lose focus right? Oh well.

It's 5.5 hours before curtains go up for our official opening tonight.

To the Director - I hope we live up to your expectations. To the Stage Manager and Asst. Stage Manager - we promise to be good backstage. To the tech boys - We love you long long time. To the writers - I hope we deliver what you want to convey. To fellow cast members - Let's go kick some ass and screw some minds. To you - audience and audience to be - We have worked hard for it, and we hope you'll enjoy the show.


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Posted by Doreen at 12:35 pm