Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Closing Time

I'm back! Penang, as it always is, was relaxing. But I've missed KL. It's good to be home lah!

5 days in Penang with The Oral Stage and it's been a crazy adventure.

The show was staged, but I thought our opening in Greenhall sucked. Well, maybe just me. But it was hard being stressed about the show... and I'm blaming it all on the Penang air. It was permeated with fun, laze and greasy char kueh teow. The subsequent shows were better, although I felt that we could have been better if we weren't trapped in a horrible backstage.

Backstage at Greenhall was small, dark, dusty and without ventilation. It was, in a simple four-letter word - crap. Maybe because we have been pampered by being at KLPAC where there were sufficient lighting, dressing rooms came with showers and there was enough room to accommodate all of us; the smokers had a place to smoke, those who had to do character preparation before their time on stage found their little corner, and we had to be on our own cue-masters because we didn't have a Stage Manager for the shows at Greenhall.

With the exception of the odd prostitute roaming the halls, Cathay Hotel was home for the 4 nights we were there. I love the ancient feeling of this 100-year old building on Leith Street.

And no trip to Penang is complete without the customary visit to the beach.

In Penang, eating is a sport they do at the State level. Tourists are often encouraged to partake in the local tournament.

Over bottles of red wine and jokes about the male reproductive organ, Chelsea was held to a draw by Wenger's boys, and ladies and gentlemen... let's sing along now- Rule, rule, United... Rule, rule, United...

And eventually, it was time to leave the island.. and we took the ferry back to the mainland.

And with that, Screwed officially comes to a close.

It's been a hectic and crazy 4 months working on this production.. and I am once again pleased at how much we've achieved as a group.

You crazy bunch of retards at TOS - Leave me aloneeeeee!

Full compilation of my pictures from Penang (in case any of you want it), can be found here.

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