Friday, June 22, 2007

my brush with royalty

"Kereta 6128 siapa punya?" asked the Manager of the Royal Selangor Polo Club.

We were out there on the patio having a meeting with a client when rudely interrupted by Mr. Club Manager. I stood up to indicate ownership and he told me I had to remove my car.

"Tak boleh park kat sana, tu VIP parking," he told me.

As I was walking towards my car, I saw a signage erected right where I had parked, but it was shadowed by mass of overgrown hedge.

"Oooh. Royalty parking." I thought to myself, and told the Manager he should trim his bush (no pun intended) because the sign was obscured.

Foolishly and excitedly, I asked him, "Oooh, oooh VIP on the way datang ke?"

"Takde lah, but you still cannot park here".

Posted by Doreen at 10:12 am