Monday, July 23, 2007

Ashraf & Vani @ SS15

It was past midnight when I strolled in. The smell of coffee greeted me as I noticed how the scene never changes - groups of people merrily chatting away, a couple at the couch playing footsie under the table and those that stare hard into the monitors of their notebooks, faces pale from the glare of the screen.

The young Malay chap smiled at me when I approached the counter to place my order. I always know what I want, but never fail to glance at the menu board - just for kicks.

"Extra hot, venti latte to go?" he said with a cheeky wink.

I smiled and nodded enthusiastically, handing him a RM10 note, while fishing for more money in my over-stuffed pouch.

"One extra hot venti latte to gooooo!" he said in their usual sing-song manner to the other barrista. "That'd be 12 ringgit and 8 cents," he turned to me again.

"What's sad is that you can remember my order, but I can never remember the exact amount I need to pay you," while handing him an extra few ringgit.

The girl making my coffee, she had the brightest smile. "You live around here?"

"Erm, nope, Puchong actually," I told her.

"You mean you travel from Puchong to SS15 just to get coffee? Isn't there an outlet at IOI mall?"

I told her that of all the Starbucks outlets I've tried, the one in SS15 serves the best brew. I know - I sound like a coffee connoisseur don't I? But I know nuts about coffee, I just like the taste of the SS15 brew on my tongue.

All three of us ended up chatting for a little, and Vani and Ashraf were ultra friendly folks. They made that Starbucks trip even more pleasant.

Don't you just love it when service staff treat you well and make you feel great?

Well, one more reason for me to visit SS15 Starbucks instead of any other outlets.

Posted by Doreen at 12:36 pm