Friday, July 20, 2007

One Life Each

I think a 3 month employment probation operates in this manner -

1st phase: Settling in, getting to know the working styles of the team, the boss' likes and dislikes, and the culture of the company, and getting to know the big clients.

2nd phase: You'd better be working your arse off and start delivering results.

3rd phase: Either you start boasting about results which you have delivered, or you give a final push and pray to dear Lord that you achieve something quick. And when I mean boasting, I mean for it to be done tastefully, i.e. ensuring that the boss knows that you have accomplished something.

My time for Phase 1 is up. It's been quite a ride thus far, but I'm still alive aren't I?

So some kid killed another kid. He was 12 when he killed an 11 year-old-girl, stabbing her with a sharp object for 20 times.

I do believe people change.

But. Karpal dude, you think the Court is taking this too far by wanting to sentence him to natural life?

So if you don't lock him up for good, what if his next victim has to endure 40 stabs?

Told ya he'd change.

Seriously, 20 stabs is not child's play. One stab with blood oozing out should be enough to send a child into a trauma. Fine, two stabs if you wish, due to today's modern world of gore and violence in movies. This kid needs some desperate re-wiring in his box.

But until then, I'm all for him to be jailed for natural life.

Sorry mate, next life maybe.

Posted by Doreen at 11:02 am