Thursday, August 30, 2007

bikini set-up

"Looook! You're all brown!" he said when I walked through the door.

Yep, I'm about as brown as having spent 4 days on some idyllic beach. Except, nothing of that sort happened.

We spent 3 days setting up, and it rained on the evening of the event which pretty much ruined everything, and then I spent the fourth day dismantling the props which were never really used the evening before.

"We feel you should rent some canopies, just in case it rains" went on deaf ears. The client wouldn't have it despite us raising the matter on more than one occassion.

"We have such an awesome outdoor setting on our property, what a waste to have canopies! We want our guests to dine under the stars!" they insisted.

"We have transparent canopies?" I tried.

Nope, they wouldn't have it.

So it rained, and rained, and rained on the night of their big day.

"Bloody hell, I spent 3 days under the sun for nothing!" I said to him.

"Yeah - next time outdoor set-up you wear bikini lah, at least you get a nice tan all over".

Posted by Doreen at 5:40 pm