Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shampoo Me!

My boss and I recently had lunch with the CEO and the Marketing Director of a reputable property developer.

The CEO was a real nice guy, humble and all. When the beans arrived, he proclaimed that he grew up eating a lot of lentils and beans, and promptly stood up and scooped a serving of that dish onto all our plates.

But today's story is about the Marketing Director, let's call her MD.

MD is in her 40s, and she has a posterior about the size of a baby elephant. Anyways, the story isn't about her posterior, but I just thought it's worth a mention because of its bulk.

After lunch, CEO excused himself as he has another meeting to attend to, thus leaving us three ladies to enjoy our fruit platter.

"You know ah, the other day, I bought a bottle of Dove shampoo and it came with a smaller bottle of moisturiser for free, so that night I went home and applied that moisturiser all over my neck, arms and legs," MD began her story.

Me and boss listened intently, wondering what could be so exciting about applying moisturiser on your body.

"So I applied it before I went to sleep, every night for about 2-3 nights, till I developed some weird looking rashes on my neck," she continued.

Our ears perked. I mean, we are only human. Humans love watching another human suffer. Right?

MD then pulled aside her collar slightly to show us her rashes. It was bad - very bad. A patch of skin on her neck was red like a beetroot. The skin on that area also appeared really tight and it looked like something really itchy and painful.

I pushed away the last piece of papaya on my plate.

"Aiya, it turns out I applied shampoo on my my body for 2 consecutive nights, thinking it was moisturiser!" said MD.

I suppresed the need to laugh out loud, but in my head went, "WTF?"

My boss was obviously far more curious than me, and she asked MD bluntly, "Err... how did that happen?"

"No lah, it was written on the bottle - Extra Moisturising - so I thought it's a moisturiser lah!"


I'm super curious now. Didn't she feel the icky-ness when she went to bed with shampoo all over her body?

Posted by Doreen at 5:59 pm