Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In Rome

I know.

I didn't major in Cultural Studies for nothing you know.

Then again, if you were to ask me right now, right here - What is culture? I'll say, "Do you have time? Can I buy you a cup of cofffee?"

OK, fine, fine. If you insist. Very superficially of course. Culture is a way of life. It could be the way we dress. The person we shag. The way we speak. The food we eat. The way we work. You know.

I'd say I'm pretty open. And when I mean open, I don't mean "Hello 25/m/KL looking for open minded girls who know how to have fun" kinda open. Openess in the sense of my acceptance of differences, understanding that these differences create cultures, and to some extreme-the need for differences in fact. Like religion, like Mat Rempits, like homosexuality, like goth, like fat people, like skinny people, like Akademi Fantasia, like punctuality issues, like fraternity boys, like anorexics, like Hollywood celebrities.

Culture is shared and it thus provides a sense of identity as a group, a sense of belonging. You cannot go to a nudist beach and tell everyone to cover up their titties - you need to take off your clothes. You cannot walk into a AF party and shout "Aku benci Mawi!" - you'd better know the words to some of his songs (but seriously - why DID you go to an AF party in the first place?). You cannot go to America and call the beautiful game football - you need to use that S word.

In other words: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

But what if I don't want to do as the Romans because I think their way is just.... ARGH. Stupid?! And what if it isn't so easy to get out of Rome?

Disclaimer: Rome and Romans are being used metaphorically. In no way is this post condemning Rome and/or its citizens. For God's sake, I've never even step foot there.

Posted by Doreen at 6:39 pm