Friday, October 12, 2007


Because we've been fighting so much, and arguing over the most trivial of matters, we sat down to draw up a list of commandments.

  1. Thou shall not jump to conclusions before hearing the other party out.

  2. Having said that, thou shall need to play both roles - to listen and to speak. However, both trying to speak at the same time is a perfect recipe for fury.
  3. Tough as it may be, thou shall not raise your voice. In this case, the level of volume is directly proportional to the intensity of the warfare.
  4. In the midst of heated anger, thou shall not threaten the other. Saying "Maybe we should call this off" when you don't mean it AT ALL causes disastrous consequences.

  5. Thou shall learn to appreciate the subtle acts of love.

  6. And never, ever take them for granted.
  7. Just like a hot plate, the heat eventually sizzles out. Thou shall then make the effort to create new experiences and/or excitment to prevent the relationship from going down the drain as a result of monotony or boredom.

  8. Thou shall make effort in giving suggestions, even for simple things like what's for dinner or which movie to watch. Do not say "You decide lah!" and then wrinkle your nose to show disapproval after the other has made a suggestion.

  9. Thou shall not sleep in the other room out of spite, especially after an argument. It only serves to make matters worse.

  10. Thou shall always seek to resolve a matter amicably. However, if an agreement cannot be made on a particular issue, the one with the vagina will win. ALWAYS.

Posted by Doreen at 12:56 pm