Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I stood by the sink, arms moving weakly as I brushed my teeth, inspecting the dark circles under my eyes.

I held a dark purple toothbrush in my hand. Replaced it a few days ago. It was a green one previously.

Then I eyed another purple toothbrush lying there. I checked it again.

He had just changed his as well, and I was brushing away with HIS new toothbrush. Spit, rinse and went to bed.

On a usual day, I would have related the incident to him, and I'd be laughing away like a kid.

48 hours without sleep makes me a zombie.

Not exactly sleepy, but more so fatigue engulfing me physically.

I moved around mechanically.

No jokes. No emotions. No rasa. No strength.

Tip: When visiting Starhill, try and park closer to the hotel, instead of right outside the Starhill entrance. They wash your car and leave a little card on your windscreen, informing you that they've cleaned your car as a nice little gesture, thanking you for staying at the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur.

Nice people they are.

Working there over the last 2 days, I had my car washed TWICE. When there was about 3 months worth of dust and grime on it.

When I got home, told the boyfriend I got my car washed for free, he moved to inspect it and said, "Ooh, but they didn't do the top part properly!"

I gave him a tongue lashing. Humans are quite hard to be satisfied. We always want more.

Then we tongue-lashed in bed.

Wednesday afternoon, 3:20pm. Time for more sleep.

Posted by Doreen at 2:55 pm